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MH100 is the Panel Monitor family based on the new video controller that let the family has Full HD resolution and LED backlight display LCD.

MH100 is the first new generation monitor featuring ASEM Standard: unique CUT-OUT for each different size of LCD to ensure interchangeability among different Panel PC, HMI and Monitor families and future mechanical compatibility and front panel available in three different variants (Aluminum, Aluminum True Flat, Stainless steel True Flat).

New MH100 are available with 16 mln colors TFT LCD displays in different sizes and aspect ratios: 8,4”, 10,4”, 12,1”, 15”, 17”, 19” (4 :3) and 15,6”, 18,5”, 21,5”, 24″ (16 :9). Equipped with one USB port on the front with an aesthetical and functional solution integrated in the front panel and two USB ports on the rear with integrated HUB.



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